Why keeping cool is the key to fertility

Temperature changes can affect your sperm quality and quantity. Here’s how to turn down the heat to increase your chances of conception.

It’s not an old wives’ tale… You really do need to consider how hot you get ‘down there’. Sperm are particularly sensitive to heat. That’s why the testicles are outside of the body – to keep them cool. They need to be 2 – 3 degrees cooler than core body temperature to keep your sperm safe. So it’s important to be aware of what you can do and what to avoid to keep them cool.

Some of the main causes of overheated testicles are:

  • Long use of laptops
  • Working in a hot environment
  • Long periods sitting
  • Hot baths and saunas
  • Tight fitting underwear
  • Excessive cycling
  • Lycra

For those who spend a lot of time sitting or who work with laptops on their lap it’s important that you set regular breaks to help keep things cool. It’s all too easy to lose a whole day sat at the computer and not move as much.

If you work in a hot environment such as a kitchen then this can be challenging. The best you can do in this sort of situation is wear clothes and underwear that will allow you to keep as cool as possible (ditch the briefs and opt for boxers instead) and take breaks when you can. It may also be worth considering ejaculating more frequently (every 3 – 5 days) so that the sperm aren’t being stored up and exposed to the heat for too long.

Cycling is a consideration that often causes some annoyance for men, as exercise can be such a great release from the stresses of trying to conceive. This is an area where you’ll find contradictory advice. The problem with cycling is probably down to the tightness of cycling shorts coupled with long periods of everything being squashed up whilst on the saddle. Generally, it would be advisable to limit time on a bike so that you’re not getting excessively hot.

Heat is just one of several factors that contribute to sperm health. You can learn more in my male fertility hub, or contact for an appointment to talk through your concerns.

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