What on Earth is the SpermComet® test?

Discover why the SpermComet® is out of this world when it comes to fertility testing.

SpermComet® is a male fertility test that properly assesses the most important part of the sperm – the DNA.

Sperm DNA contains all the instructions that will make your baby, but it can be damaged during sperm production and storage, causing the DNA molecule to break into smaller fragments. This is known as DNA fragmentation, which can affect your ability to conceive or have a healthy baby. Men with high levels of damaged sperm DNA also have double the risk of miscarriage.

SpermComet® is one of the most accurate tests for sperm damage, measuring the amount of DNA fragmentation in your sperm, allowing you to know whether it’s a factor in your conception problems. The results also help guide you as to which course of treatment to follow should you be having assisted reproduction techniques such as IVF.

Properly assessing sperm in this way allows men to truly understand the quality of their sperm and with the proper guidance and support in lifestyle and diet make the necessary changes to improve their results and overall fertility.

At Hove Fertility and Wellness we’re pleased to be able to offer the SpermComet® test to male clients along with support programmes to enhance fertility. We offer a discreet and professional service allowing men to drop off their sample in a quiet and convenient location in Hove.

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