What my clients say

“I started visiting Ian in 2017, following 4 unsuccessful rounds of IVF.

We went through a programme of treatment, as I was open to trying anything that would help my wife and I to succeed in falling pregnant.

Following a few months of treatment with Ian, we thankfully managed to successfully fall pregnant.

I found the treatment with Ian invaluable – as well as addressing general health matters (low energy levels for instance), he worked at specific treatments to help provide a boost to my fertility. As well as the acupuncture element, he also provided excellent advice on lifestyle changes that could help, and, perhaps most importantly, acted as an amazing sounding board and advisor when it came to coping with the many trials and tribulations that occur as a result of going through repeated rounds of IVF.

I still see Ian for treatment, but use it just as much for ‘therapy’ as I do to keep me honest with my diet and lifestyle, and for helping to give me a boost if energy levels are low.

I have really valued his treatment, and would recommend that more men look into this as a way to supplement their efforts if they are looking to conceive, or simply to look after themselves better mentally, physically and emotionally.”

Dave, Portslade

“I had already experienced the benefits of acupuncture years ago to get over a back injury, but i had no idea it could make such a difference to my mental and emotional state.

When I first sought your help, I didn’t know what was wrong, only that I had been “not myself” for quite a while — feeling stuck and time slipping by; wanting change but being unable to bring it about; not to mention the unjustifiable pit of despair I would sometimes fall into.

I will always remember how after the third session, i woke to find I had stepped out of the trap and into the world. After that, my focus improved, decisions came easily, and plans moved forward as if of their own accord. There have been some ups and downs but my outlook continued to improve and never once slipped back.

I give full credit to your treatments for helping me through the unspoken psychological effects of menopause, and for giving me the confidence to bring about a massive change in my home and lifestyle. Now six months on, I feel restored to my former self, ready to chart a course for years to come… thanks to you.”

Dee , Guildford

“I didn’t quite know how much I needed Ian’s help until my treatment started a year ago.

Ian is someone I can trust and talk to freely, he listens and pays attention to what you say, talks over what you say and challenges on certain aspects of what is discussed when needed. Ian will ask a question, like whether something has been happening, whether I have been feeling a certain way/experiencing something in particular and he will be exactly right. His approach is very much focused on encouraging you to do the best by yourself physically and mentally.

I started for one particular purpose but to be honest I have found that I have benefited so much more widely than expected, and particularly the effects of work related stresses which I never anticipated. In that respect it’s like my treatments reset and strengthen me each week. I very much thought, prior to starting treatment, that it was just the acupuncture (in the ‘needles and points’ sense) and never quite appreciated how holistic and diverse the treatment process is. There is much more to it than you think and encompassing personal medical history, tailored diet recommendations, lifestyle and exercise considerations – all founded in Chinese medicine, the principles of which I feel are totally relatable and make so much sense.

If you are thinking about contacting Ian, do it now – you will be glad you did!”

Rachel, Shoreham by Sea

“After suffering a miscarriage I had been recommended Acupuncture by a friend who had been treated by Zita West, Thankfully I came across Ian at a local clinic; who I cannot thank enough for helping us on our journey. Not only did I manage to conceive during my treatment…..I actually found it relaxing too! Thanks to Ian we now have a beautiful little girl and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Mrs S, Bordon

“I’ve suffered from carpel tunnel syndrome for many years; as a carpet fitter I put my hands and wrists under great pressure every day and can’t afford to be off work. Every morning I would wake up with extreme pins and needles and locked middle fingers. Even driving a vehicle was very uncomfortable. I’ve tried many different products from wrist straps to heat creams but none really had much effect. I then tried Acupuncture with Ian.

After my first treatment I walked away with both my wrists feeling relaxed. The next morning I woke up with virtually no pins and needles and my fingers weren’t in their usual clenched position. For the first time in months my hands and wrists felt relaxed with very little pain. I was stunned. The acupuncture had had an amazing result.

I continued to have regular treatment with Ian over a few weeks and have now found that I only need to see him once or twice a month to keep my carpel tunnel at bay.

Thank you Ian.. Your a star…”

Darren Collard "Rainbow Carpets" Burgess Hill

“Ian, I am so thankful for the help you gave me; the nutritional advice alone was invaluable. I would recommend your services to anyone and I have no doubt that it helped me get pregnant so a huge thank you from me and my husband!”

Becky, Farnham

“I found Ian when I was researching an acupuncturist who specialises in assisting IVF patients.

From the moment I met Ian he made me feel at ease. I have been having weekly acupuncture sessions with Ian whilst undergoing IVF and the treatments leave me feeling relaxed and at ease which is essential when undergoing IVF treatment.

Ian is extremely accommodating when it comes to appointment times, even offering to see me on a bank holiday!!

Ian is friendly and humorous making the treatments a weekly event to look forward to. As well as the acupuncture, Ian has offered me nutritional advice to support my fertility treatment which I have found very beneficial.

If you are considering acupuncture then Ian is the guy to see. I feel in safe and experienced hands and believe my sessions with Ian have made my IVF journey that little bit easier..”

Rachel, Hove

“Ian was recommended to me by a friend and I cannot thank him enough. In 2011 I ran my first half Marathon and did some quite serious damage to my ITB, I was under the care of the doctors and physio, but there never seemed to be any improvement and I couldn’t run above 5 miles, much to my distress.

So a friend suggested I tried something different, at the beginning of 2014 I finally did something about it and took her advice and visited Ian. I had 5 or 6 sessions and did some recommended (by Ian) at home stretches and things seemed to get better. I am pleased to say that in September 2014 I managed to run my first full Marathon and I truly believe if I hadn’t have visited Ian this would not have happened!

I now feel little to no pain/problem with my ITB and whilst I fully recommend Ian to everyone and would love to go back for more treatment, I hope my ITB is now back to normal and I don’t need to visit the clinic again. Ian is friendly, approachable, extremely professional and most importantly really knows his stuff!.”

Kerrieanne, Hampshire

“Over the last two years I have been receiving acupuncture treatment from Ian for Crohn’s disease, alongside western medicine and nutritional support. Having suffered from severe Crohn’s disease for nearly 30 years, my symptoms and the management of my condition has definitely improved over the last 2 years. Ian creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere during the treatment, and as a curious scientist I often ask questions about acupuncture and the treatment which Ian answers in a clear and professional manner. Each treatment session, and the interval between sessions, is tailored to take account my current symptoms and condition. If you feel that acupuncture may be of benefit to you then it is well worth making an appointment to see Ian.”

Ian, Deepcut

“Ian was recommended to me from a friend who he had helped with fertility.

I had never had acupuncture before but Ian soon put me at ease and explained the treatments fully. I have now been a patient of Ian’s for just over 2 years for fertility issues. After just a few visits my cycle went to the optimum 28 days even though it had never been 28 days before. Ian continued to treat me while I had NHS treatment for fertility and also while I had IVF.

I truly believe that the acupuncture I received from Ian aided my fertility and the successful outcome of the IVF resulting in our daughter. I continued my treatment with Ian during my pregnancy to aid with a smooth natural birth which was so important to me and I believe the acupuncture contributed to this.

I really valued Ian’s expertise and would make sure I never missed my monthly “me” time treatments.

Ian is able to help so much more than fertility with acupuncture and I know I benefited from my sessions with him. I found the treatment aided relaxation and my general health which is so important during IVF treatment and pregnancy. Ian is a great listener and fully understands the strains and complexities of IVF treatment and how acupuncture can assist.

I will definitely continue to use acupuncture in the future and would highly recommend Ian to you.”

Mandy, Bracknell

“I had acupuncture treatments with Ian just before starting our first cycle of IVF. From my first treatment he put me at ease, he had a calm and relaxing manner and made each treatment worthwhile. For me, with all of the uncertainty and “what if’s” of IVF, having acupuncture gave me an extra boost and I thoroughly enjoyed each treatment.

I feel that Ian played a very important role during this time and I have no doubt that he has helped us to start our family. We are now the very proud parents of a beautiful little girl. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ian and thank him very much for his help.”

Mandy, Bracknell

“I had acupuncture treatments with Ian just before starting our first cycle of IVF. From my first treatment he put me at ease, he had a calm and relaxing manner and made each treatment worthwhile. For me, with all of the uncertainty and “what if’s” of IVF, having acupuncture gave me an extra boost and I thoroughly enjoyed each treatment.

I feel that Ian played a very important role during this time and I have no doubt that he has helped us to start our family. We are now the very proud parents of a beautiful little girl. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ian and thank him very much for his help.”

J, Farnham

“I visited Ian after trying to conceive for almost two years. My step mother is a very well regarded acupuncturist in wales and specialises in fertility so she suggested I get treatment to assist with conception.

I searched for a local acupuncturist that dealt with fertility issues and found Ian. After less than a year of treatment, I fell pregnant naturally after doctors had told me that my best chance would be IVF and I put that down to my treatments with Ian.

I now have a beautiful and healthy baby girl and without Ian I’m not so sure we would. “

Holly, Farnham

“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for my treatment for sinus pain over the last few months. The pain has really reduced and the advice in managing my diet has also helped with my symptoms.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others who may need acupuncture.”

SS, Farnham

“I found Ian through research via the Zita West network and haven’t looked back. He helped me through my third round of IVF having had a very stressful few years trying to have a family. He not only helped me get through a very gruelling process but it was successful and I now have a wonderful son. I have a lot of faith in Ian’s ability to truly understand his patients and more importantly care about their health and wellbeing.

I am seeing Ian again as we try to extend our family and feel his input is so important in preparing me physically and mentally for my treatment. His care and attention and flexibility are second to none and his understanding of the process means he is able to offer an empathetic approach at all times. He is also a very nice chap!”

Mrs S, Surrey

“Well maybe the results speak for themselves!?! I got pregnant with myfirst attempt at IVF and believe whole heartedly that Ian’s acupuncture anddietary pointers prepared me physically and mentally so that I was in the bestpossible health to receive the treatment and so that my conditionremained optimised for it to succeed.

Ian is well practised in supporting womenthrough fertility treatment and in addition to knowing how to work hisacupuncture magic, has a bedside manner that is supportive and positiveabout the IVF whilst not being all-consuming or unrealistic about it.My weekly sessions were a nice time to relax and chat rather than beinganother procedure to endure as part of the relentless IVF cycle.Ian is flexible and understands the timing pressures of IVF. He goes togreat lengths to accommodate well timed sessions, working incollaboration with other practitioners in different geographical areas whererequired.I returned to Ian for help after having my baby as my underlying healthissues resulted in me having a very poor milk supply.

Ian was again fantastic, knowledgeable, supportive and accommodating, acting with anappropriate sense of urgency to get me treated and put me on the rightdietary path. Whilst my condition prevents me from achieving asubstantial milk supply, I believe that the acupuncture played its part in increasing my supply to its optimised level, which has enabled me to part breastfeed my baby and form that all important bond with him. As acupuncture focuses on health holistically, I also benefited from a post natal boost from thistreatment, rejuvenating me during this exhausting period. On thisoccasion, Ian worked closely with a practitioner in the area that I wastemporarily staying over the Christmas period so that I could maintain continuityof care through this time critical period when milk supply can come in.”

S - Liphook

“Ian was recommended to me by two family members who are also Ian’spatients. The treatment has really improved the sleeping problems I washaving and is a gentle way to approach your overall health… I reallylike the fact that it looks at the whole person, rather than just thesymptom.Ian is very knowledgeable and gives positive advice on whatchanges can be made in your lifestyle and diet so that you can help toheal yourself. I have already recommended Ian to my friends and family.”

Mrs B, Farnham

“I’d had several courses of acupuncture treatment for fertility at top London clinics prior to seeing Ian and I have found his treatment has been a revelation. The extent to which he tailors the treatment to the individual and the level of care given is quite simply the best I have had – by a long way. I would highly recommend him for fertility treatment.”

Alex, Bordon

“Having tried a variety of therapies for my elevated blood pressure I was delighted when 4 treatments with Ian managed to stabilise my blood pressure and radically improve my energy and overall wellbeing.

Ian carefully considered my case and over the 4 weeks managed to make inroads into my health with a result that I feel significantly better now.”

Nichole, Crondall

“I have been visiting Ian for nearly a year now and I have found his treatment invaluable. I initially went to see Ian for help with my insomnia and digestion but since having treatment I have found not only have the insomnia and digestive problems improved but my general health too.

Ian has helped me understand the underlying cause of my insomnia and without a doubt his treatment and approach to it has greatly improved my situation. I now visit Ian once a month to keep myself in check as before I started treatment I felt out of control, totally exhausted and completely run down.

Ian came recommended from a friend who praised his treatments and I am extremely grateful. I can’t recommend Ian strongly enough for anyone who has a health issue. I felt that looking at the imbalances in the body is the only way forward to attain good health.”

Samantha, Farnham

COVID-19 Update-July 2020

As of 4th July 2020 I’m returning to practice. If you’d like to book in for a discovery consultation or appointment you can now do so via the online booking. If you’d like to have a chat with me first then don’t hesitate to drop me a line or give me a ring.