What is the Exact Test®?

Sperm DNA Fragmentation – Exact® tests, powered by SpermComet®

Exact® tests, powered by SpermComet® technology measure sperm DNA damage. The Exact range of tests are available via healthcare professionals only.

Sperm DNA can be damaged when sperm are being made in the testes or as they mature before ejaculation. This damage breaks the DNA into fragments, so sperm DNA tests are also known as sperm DNA fragmentation tests. Men with high levels of sperm DNA damage are less likely to get their partner pregnant and have increased risk of miscarriage. Even if semen
analysis results are ‘normal’, the sperm DNA could be damaged and therefore poor quality. Sperm DNA damage can reduce your chances of having a baby. The Comet® assay can measure both single and double strand breaks. Only a small number
of sperm (a minimum of 5,000) sperm are required to perform the assay.

Why get tested?

1 in 6 couples experience difficulties having a baby and 50% of these issues can be male factors. Knowing whether you have sperm DNA damage can help you make informed decisions about medical treatments and lifestyle changes to improve the quality of your sperm DNA and therefore improve your chances of getting pregnant and having a baby. Men produce new sperm every 70 days so simple changes in lifestyle can improve sperm DNA quality in a short time.

How does the test work?

The Exact tests measure the single and double strand DNA fragments present in individual sperm so we can tell you how many of your sperm are damaged and how many of your sperm are healthy. Exact tests also tell you the level of damage in the poor quality sperm. This is important because these sperm can damage your healthy sperm and help to determine which fertility treatment is most appropriate for you.

Can I improve my sperm DNA?

Sperm DNA damage is often associated with underlying medical conditions such as varicocele (varicose veins on the scrotum,) infections or blockages. It is also linked to certain lifestyle choices such as smoking, poor diet or overweight. You can read further information at on how to improve your DNA on Examen’s (our partners for sperm DNA, Exact tests)
website at https://examenlab.com/for-men/improving-your-sperm-dna/

Sperm DNA damage testing is a non-invasive procedure performed on a semen sample. This is an additional diagnostic test to a semen analysis. There are no significant additional risks to the patient.

At Hove Fertility and Wellness we’re pleased to be able to offer the Exact test® to male clients along with support programmes to enhance fertility. We offer a discreet and professional service allowing men to drop off their sample in a quiet and convenient location in Hove.

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