Zita West

Ian is one of the founding members of the first national fertility network launched by Zita West in 2009. By choosing a Zita West affiliated acupuncturist not only do you get the benefit Ian’s individual experience, and the experience of 150+ network members, but the benefit of the unique training and support that comes from Zita and her colleagues too.

Whilst seeing an affiliated practitioner you will be entitled to a discount on a range of Zita West products through Ian’s unique discount code.

Exseed Health

Exseed offer a medical grade home test sperm kit which helps men track their fertility in the comfort of their own home.

For some men getting their first semen analysis done can be a daunting process, home testing allows them to at least get started with a simple home test kit which will give results in a matter of minutes.

Received 10% off Exseed devices and supplement using code HFAW10.

The Fertility Circle

The Fertility Circle app is a global community and platform for anyone who is trying to conceive. Our mission is to empower people to make the right fertility choices for them by providing the go-to fertility companion.

The app connects users to a like-minded community and trusted experts from around the world. It empowers people with information, education and inspiration. And it supports users by holding events, offering products and giving lots of virtual hugs along the way!

Ian is proud to be one of the founding resident experts working with the Fertility Circle.

Fertility Genomics

Many cases of infertility remain “unexplained”. However, thanks to the use of Next Generation Sequencing Technology, Fertility Genomics can now uncover monogenic DNA errors which can be the cause of some of these cases of infertility.

The Fertility Genomics “Fertility DNA” test examines specific regions of your DNA, which are necessary for producing normal functioning sperm and eggs (gametes), that are capable of coming together and fertilising. Knowledge of DNA errors, which impact the gametes directly, can give you an insight into the cause of your infertility and potential impact upon your ART procedure.

Ian is able to offer a discount on individual and couples test with Fertility Genomics, for more details please get in touch.


ScreenMe is here to empower people to take direct control of their health by giving them the best holistic advice based on their individual health needs.

ScreenMe offer comprehensive blood testing from the comfort of your own home allowing you to understand your hormone, nutrient and microbiome profile which, with their tailored advice, allows you to make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes to optimise your health and fertility.

Various packages are available including basic testing or a comprehensive programme of nutritional advice and support.

Get in touch for details of discounts available through Hove Fertility and Wellness.

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