Male fertility – the uncomfortable truth

Despite most fertility treatment focusing on the female, in 50% of cases where a couple is struggling to conceive the problem is sperm related.

In the UK, around 1 in 6 couples have difficulty trying to conceive. Assisted fertility treatment naturally focuses on women due to the nature of the medical interventions. But it has been found that issues with sperm quality and quantity account for half of all cases where couples struggle to conceive.

Despite this, many men feel side-lined and left out of fertility treatment with little time and focus given to them.  For any couple it is just as important to focus on the man as the woman, whether the man has a problem or not.

A poor semen analysis can be devastating for a man and he can then be at a loss as to what to do next. Couple that with the pressure and guilt of knowing that his partner is having to go through invasive and emotional fertility treatment and you’ve got a recipe for a very unhappy man.

It takes approximately 90 days for sperm to mature, so if you are making adjustments to influence your sperm, it can take over three months to see the effects. It may take time, but you can influence your sperm health.

Many men aren’t given the right directions early enough, but with the right advice, help and support there are some really positive steps that men can take to improve their fertility, reduce the stress of trying to conceive and generally improve their health and mental wellbeing.

Visit the Male Fertility Hub for more information on diet, stress, heat, DNA damage and where to go for further help.

Every man has individual challenges and needs, so it’s worth considering 1:1 advice and support to provide bespoke solutions.

COVID-19 Update-July 2020

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