Fertility testing for men

Exseed Health

Exseed offer a medical grade home test sperm kit which helps men track their fertility in the comfort of their own home.

For some men getting their first semen analysis done can be a daunting process, home testing allows them to at least get started with a simple home test kit which will give results in a matter of minutes.

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Sperm DNA Fragmentation – Exact® tests, powered by SpermComet®

Exact® tests, powered by SpermComet® technology measure sperm DNA damage. The Exact range of tests are available via healthcare professionals only.

Sperm DNA can be damaged when sperm are being made in the testes or as they mature before ejaculation. This damage breaks the DNA into fragments, so sperm DNA tests are also known as sperm DNA fragmentation tests. Men with high levels of sperm DNA damage are less likely to get their partner pregnant and have increased risk of miscarriage. Even if semen
analysis results are ‘normal’, the sperm DNA could be damaged and therefore poor quality. Sperm DNA damage can reduce your chances of having a baby.

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