An introduction to Jing

Were you born with ‘good Jing’ or ‘poor Jing’? Discover what it all means and how you can control it.

Yin and Yang are renowned, but if you’re new to the principles of Chinese Medicine, you may not have heard of Jing. Put simply, Jing is the life force that you are born with – the finite energy that fuels your existence.

Where does Jing come from?

Our Jing is a result of our parents’ Jing coming together at conception. As such, we’re all born with a different amount, depending on the energetic state of both our parents at the time.

A person who has inherited an abundance of Jing from their family line will be strong, healthy, robust, and less prone than many to a lot of common ailments. In Chinese medicine terms, they could be said to have ‘good Jing’.

Conversely, people who inherit less Jing – or ‘poor Jing’ – are more likely to be susceptible to low energy, ill health, earlier signs of aging, and potentially even shorter life expectancy.

Can we control our Jing?

Imagine that you were given a million pounds the day you were born to get you through life and that, once you ran out of that money, you would have nothing left to live off. How you choose to spend this money would seem pretty important, right? – in order to make it last for as long as possible. This is how the concept of Jing works – in that the amount we are born with is finite and irreplaceable. How we choose to use this Jing is therefore crucial, as it will determine our longevity.

Top tips for optimising your Jing

Optimising your Jing can have a significant impact on your health and, therefore, for your fertility. So, consider putting some of these top tips into action:

  • Remember we only have a certain amount of Jing to last a lifetime, so use it wisely
  • Look to the cycles of nature to help you find more flow and balance in your activities
  • Be more active in summer and more restful in winter
  • Choose exercise forms that suit both your age and natural inclinations
  • Schedule in plenty of rest time to balance out work and playtime
  • Ensure you get enough sleep
  • Eat cool foods in summer and warming foods in winter
  • Be mindful of doing anything in excess, whether eating, drinking, working or partying
  • Make balanced energy a priority in your life.

Jing and the Bedroom

Most of us know that our energy levels affect our sexual activity, but our sexual activity has an effect on our energy levels too. Excessive sexual activity can deplete our Jing, while little or no sex can leave us with stagnation, both physically and emotionally.

The term ‘excessive’ hasn’t been defined in the classics of Chinese Medicine. So, ultimately, as with all things in Chinese Medicine, the key is finding a healthy balance.

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