Lifestyle and well-being support for fertility

Ian Stones

Leading UK Fertility Specialist

I’m here to help couples understand as much as possible and do all they can to conceive.

I’ve worked in fertility treatment for 14 years and I know its potential and its shortcomings. As co-founder of Fertility Network UK’s male fertility support group I believe and campaign for:

  • Early lifestyle advice for couples on their fertility journey
  • Emotional support for men and women trying to conceive
  • Better information around fertility choices and treatments

Advice + Support

For Men

Advice + Support

For Women

How I'm helping people...





Our fertility experiences...

“The extent to which Ian tailors the treatment to the individual and the level of care given is quite simply the best I have had – by a long way. I would highly recommend him for fertility treatment.”

Alex, Bordon

“I have really valued his treatment, and would recommend that more men look into this as a way to supplement their efforts if they are looking to conceive, or simply to look after themselves better mentally, physically and emotionally.”

Dave, Porstlade

My fertility support process

Identify the physical and mental factors affecting couples in their fertility journey
Resolve through a combination of treatment, lifestyle coaching and diet changes
Ongoing support helps to build on the progress made to ensure you’re super relaxed and healthy
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